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Friday, February 16, 2018

Be still my beating heart! 💓💓💓 A Craigslist story for the books

I have been lurking the interwebs for 2 full years..count 'em.. TWO
Looking for a Japanese soaking tub.
They are rare, and wildly expensive..
Most of the ones I have found were acrylic, which I wasn't thrilled about.. and upwards of two grand
So, after talking with a coworker who was redoing her bathroom 
I had decided to get a copper tub, which she had found on some website for half the price of other copper tubs.. 
It was longer than I wanted, and not as deep as I wanted
But I was tired of looking
And tired of attempting to take a bath in our current tub which is only 11 inches deep and a hundred feet long, 
so while you can pretty much lay out flat in the thing, it takes a lot of water to fill,
And then well,  11 inches deep is insufficient for a satisfying soak by any standards..you maybe get 9 " of water - when taking into account the overflow etc..

Cut to today
A magical day
The lunar New Year, 
Year of the dog
MY Year.
I checked Craigslist one last time before pulling the plug on a copper tub..(pun intended)
(insert magical music and swirling sparkles here)
 A Japanese Soaking Tub!!🤗🤗🤗🤗
☆☆Freestanding, and Cast Iron/Enamel☆☆
 I texted the person,
said I could drive down to Yelm sunday, wouldn't haggle on the price  etc etc.
(Yelm?!- That's like a 1.5 hour drive! But I was not hindered by distance no!)
No response (gahh!)
I waited hours, excruciating hours
Them sent another text (maybe they didn't hear the first one? So I just texted a period, just to make their phone beep)
They texted back (omg! They texted back!!!)
 a question mark,
then a semi colon.. haha
(Houston we have contact!)

I repeated my plea to buy their beautiful tub..
They asked if I had cash
YES!! YES I have cash!! Oh this was going in the right direction!!.
Then the words came across my screen that were utterly too good to believe!
"You want to come down Sunday and get it? Or do you want me to BRING IT TO YOU TODAY??"


So this wonderful human being loaded up his tub into his car, sent me progress texts, ('got it in the car!' 'leaving now')
and with no request for compensation for delivery....delivered it to my house..while I was at work!!!
Chris paid him. (His asking price was one tenth of what I would have paid for a similar tub online) Plus gave him money for gas..
And texted me, "your tub has arrived."

Friends, The year of the dog is off to a freaking fantastic start !!!

Where Chris's thumb is - is how much taller the new tub is, over the old .
Here it is!
with Chris for perspective.
Ode says he will need a stool to get into it.
Soaking tub mission accomplished.
Hip Hip Hurray! ! 🤗😆🤗😆🤗😆

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Old picture of Ode and Roman @ Mt Rainier - brothers

New breakfast spot in DT Renton

 We found our new official breakfast spot in DT Renton. Called the 'Whistle Stop Ale House'
Great breakfast served until 2pm, Super cute inside and really nice attentive people.
 Repurposed Christmas Tree set up for Valentines Day!

 Walking back to the car.. cute planters
There was a Saturday pop-up shop in the old western wear building,
With local artists, vendors and smoked cheese. 
We also popped in to a little antique store, and saw this stained glass I was drooling over.
And found an awesome store on 3rd called 'urban sprouts' with an amazing assortment of amazing houseplants, pots, cacti, succulents, decor and geodes!! 
The people there were super friendly, the guy explained the difference between cacti and succulents to Ode, and showed him their assortment of Marimo balls, they live in water and are bright green and form a ball shape and are beautiful! & living.

Geode-Magenta no less 😆
Here's what a marimo moss ball looks like.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Family dinner☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Beautiful woven fabric from the goody

I just realized this is the underside

This is an awesome book

Book + Odes origami birds he's been making me each nite
Sorry to have been dark here for so long .
January turned out to be busy.
Heres some new photos not necessarily in order 😅

Iron downloads

My iron was super low,
Lowest ever
So the last few Saturday mornings I have been getting iron 'infusions' (read IV)
I'm starting to feel better,
Even though I didn't really know I felt pooped until I felt better.
I'm done with them now,
Next week I get my levels checked
Then get on with life!

Mercer Slough hike

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Witch hazel 'Jelena' blooms

County Council Words

 I spoke at the KingCounty Council meeting in opposition of th @sphalt plant proposed near the Cedar River. I was shaking so bad when i sat back down, i could hardly get my water bottle to my mouth.. im not a natural at public speaking.
Been to lots of regional council meetings, It's painful listening to the plant's propoganda over and over, and over.. but sticking my head in the sand isn't an option for me and the quality of sleep I get at night..been letter writing etc..
But that is an ongoing deal that won't soon be over. Cont'd at another time.
You can sign  the petition here
Search 'renton 169'

Team building Event for wk. I learned how to make tamales from scratch

 This is the chef from KCTS Cooks! Channel 9..if your old like me you might remember the show.

Family Tradition - Take the Littles to the theatre!

 Getting the blue fairy's autograph
 And the cats'
 So psyched!!

Lunch after

The night before he flew out.

We had a big family dinner and menchies for dessert.
I did not make a scene. I didn't even cry. (I am a slow processor, didn't start crying until 3 days after he left)
But I sure imprinted that last hug into my brain.
I love you Rabbit, with all of my heart.
Be safe,
Be strong,
Be mighty
and come back to us all
safe and sound.

The Legend found!

Forest finds.. cedar, red spruce and 
 Hemlock ( i think)

We have been looking for this peat bog since we moved here. Legend has it, it is over 5,000 years old.
We found it. And it is magical..and very smelly, that deep, mud, funk of a thousand years whif.
 Sphagnum moss poking through the surface.
 A mystical tree upon a nurse log
 A circular stream
 River runs through it
Tall tree

Grocery Run

 The Viet-Wah was all decked out for New Years celebrations coming up..

Forced bloom

Going away party

 This guy (middle) has joined the army.
Here are some pics from our going away party for him. He has been gone to basic training for near two weeks now.
We all miss him so very much.