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Monday, June 11, 2018

Garden Time after work

 Growing Okra this year..under a used Starbuck's iced tea cup..for warmth..

 Kiwi is blooming..
 Ode waiting for a bee to finish it''s work..doesn't want to disturb her
 Sun rays & flowers
 Ode telling me how he decided not to ask for that thing from REI for his birthday..because its too expensive and requires a contract.. back to Legos

 Odes strawberry patch..it got transplanted late.. (also not all the plants got dirt at first, lessons learned)
Jerusalem Sage..bachelor buttons

Bathroom before (sorta) for reference..where the tub is ..there used to back an old fiberglass shower stall & Chris blew the wall out 3 feet.

Bathroom Remodel is done!

 The new fan is super quiet and has Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music on your phone while soaking.👍
 The TP dispenser has since been made 'rubbed bronze' to match everything else..
 Whale fluke hooks from world market..on some left over cedar..
Counter, from side of the road free pile..refinished & rubbed w beeswax
The legs are 4x4 posts from the yard..criss cross and offset

 Counter closer..w/ peonies & old embroidered linen napkins for hand towels
 The lights without the glare..left & right

 A frog from whidbey island antique store..crow person tile from same place..
All said and done..
The entire remodel cost less than the copper tub I was going to get!
Chris did ALL of the labor himself. . So that saves thousands. The soaking tub is so awesome, to be able to soak with water up to your shoulders is priceless...and it stays hot for longer than you can stay in the tub..
Ode took his first bath in it tonight.. an was yelling.."I'm floating in here!!!" Hahaha
Dressing bench.
The ball light is battery powered & a 3d copy of the moon.😉

Went to see the C&Cs new boat!😍

Beautiful Day

 Ode wants to live on one..
 Picnic time

Picking Peonies on a Wednesday (last week)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Garden update

Chris and his Big Rock hauler..his own design..made from repurposed stuff..works like magic for dragging giant rocks about the yard without busting your back..just lay it down, roll the rock in there, and voila! Wheel it around the yard on a joy ride..

The weather was perfect for garden chores.. cool, cloudy with sunbreaks..

We got the tomato plants in the ground, pepper plants - Anaheim and banana peppers.

Seedling's (I actually started seeds successfully this year!)
Pickling cuke seedlings IN
Pumpkin seedlings IN
Okra seedlings IN
Hollyhocks IN

Seeds sewn..
icicle radishes
red and white stripe radishes
Kale 3 kinds
butter and romaine lettuce and spicy microgreens
Butterfly weed

Started earlier..
Potatoes have popped up
Garlic has sprung through
Dahlias, are about 6" high

The herb bed is doing good (except the basil, always the basil craps out)
Salmon berries are making salmon berries.
White currant has currants.

Apple espalier had tons of blooms, c'mon apples!

Transplanted the fig tree & it lived! 🤗
Transplanted the flowering currant and it lived.
The olive tree is next..
Raspberry canes have come back, after getting chopped down.
Hops are about 8' tall already.

The weeds! Oh the weeds are going gangbusters, & a full time side hustle.🌱🌱🌱

The feeder fish we plopped in the pond to keep mosquitos away are thriving, and alive and already much bigger. 🐟🐟🐟

Everything-soil.. is already quite dry for this early..but tonight the clouds unleashed for a good solid hour of heavy rain..phew!

Flowers, for the bee friends..
New lupine planted, and snapdragons, and agastache, and marigolds, and lilies, and poppies, and phlox, and and a bunch of other stuff I don't remember, it took me 2 minutes to remember hollyhocks name...

That's it for the garden update
Now to keep the weeds at bay and water..simple right?
Oh, and keep the damn chickens out of the garden.
Chris has devised an elaborate fencing system to keep the girls in the front 1/3 of the yard. .
I have only accidently ripped it down once trying to get into the backyard.. the other time must've been a bear. 😆

Bathroom ceiling and fan going in..

Bathroom remodel progress. Ceiling fan (with Bluetooth connected speakers built in - Ode picked it out) so you can listen to your favorite tunes whilst getting a soak.. and the cedar t&g ceiling were going in today. Woohoo! Starting to really come together..

Monday, May 28, 2018

Headed Home




Sunday, May 27, 2018