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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Because warm blanket season is here

 This is a quilt top I started last winter. It's sewn into rows, then rolled to avoid wrinkles,
And the gallon zip lock works great to keep my rows in their order. Now I just have to sew the rows together and make the quilt
Starting a new 'Christmas' color schemed quilt top.
My least favorite part is measuring & cutting, so if I get the quilt squares cut and sewn into rows, I'm more likely to get it done.
Although, that didn't work last year obviously.

Quickie tomato bisque soup

Diced onion, mushroom and garlic saute in a pan w/a bit of pasture butter
1 big can of organic crushed tomatoes
1 can coconut milk (to cut down on dairy)
A whole bunch of dried basil
Some sea salt
A small handful of parmean shredded
Bring to heat on 2 notches below medium heat,
Cover let simmer 15 mns

Bench warmers

 I made bench warmers for the kitchen table/nook benches. Ladybugs!

Out for a drive

 Rose peeking at her boy
 Ode picked up this paper turkey for 50 cents.. he loves it.

Found this cute wool sweater @ the goody for Ode

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wind storm

Big wind storm last night
Power was out
Ode and I read books by lamplight

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thank You Veterans

 Thank you for your service

Your sacrifice

Friday, November 10, 2017

Bedside book pile

I keep pulling books off the shelves to read.. none are holding my attention these days..the pile just keeps growing


Chris's test run for t-shirts


Odes latest sign work

Sunday, November 5, 2017


 Purple kale & onions from the yard
 Rice noodles fresh
 Simmer simmer simmer

Snow ALL day..but not sticking

 Rose, watching the snow fall
 Went out to get some Kale after Ode declared it was not there..
Apparently the snow made it invisible...
 Green onions and borage
Little borage flower in the snow


I am so very late to the game.
Very very late.

So, they're trying to put in an asphalt plant

Down in the valley below our neighborhood

Directly across the road from the Cedar River, where runs of Chinook, Coho, and Sockeye salmon spawn.
 The driveway of the proposed site, is a couple hundred feet from the river bank.

This will pollute the valley air even more, dramatically increase large semi traffic on 169, and threaten the salmon.
Also, this is in or directly abuts the Cedar River Watershed boundary.

What You can do:

You can go to change.org and sign the petition - search 'Renton 169'

Or go to King County website and search 'maple valley asphalt plant' to find the permit and email the project manager.

Public comment date has been extended until November 24th. A short time, but valuable!

Kng5 news just did a story on it too..
And YouTube had a video: 'say no to asphlt plant on 169!'

Email King County Government

Small but MIGHTY -group

 Cedar river trail
 Getting the word out.

Beginning of fish sign

The river, right next to the trail

On the map, red indicator is proposed location, river is blue

The valley is very steep, and regularly gets socked in, I can't imagine what the air quality would be like with asphalt stink getting pumped out into the valley.  Don't want to. I can't believe it can even be considered

The NEWS!!!  Makes it out like,

 "well they -this company- have plants all over the place" - like that makes it okay!!

but that is status quo,
And the results of status quo is declining salmon populations, polluted water everywhere, poor air quality, and the slow eating away and building over of all of the natural space in the state,
 status quo isn't working!

I've never protested before
and frankly I was scared to..
But I'm tired of hearing about all the devastation and doing absolutely nothing about it but complain and say "why why why
Are THEY letting this happen?!"

Not realizing, that by my inaction
I was letting it happen

I love it here, I was born here,am lucky to have lived here all my days so far
I regularly spend time outside in the incredible beauty we're surrounded by

And I don't want to be party to watching it slip away


I want my kids and grandkids to be able to breathe
I want to be able to grow my own food vegetables in unpolluted air and soil
I want to be 95 years old and still see Orcas swimming in the Salish Sea..
I remember seeing them on our boat when I was a kid,
They are the epitome of the word majesty
I want my grandkids and great grandkids to see them. Not just hear about how they used to be here..
And we're choking out their food supply (chinook)

And while our signs and standing along a roadside may not do much

Its something, anything
To say
You can't just do whatever you want

And the sleepy, TV watching, screen infatuated, disaster weary, people
Won't even notice!

They don't care

I care, my family cares

And not going down


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween costume try on

 Okay well these are my halloween costumes/ the cat head is for work party, and the moustache I'm gonna wear to go trick or treating.. Chris is going to be a nerd, glasses w bandaid, pocket protector and bow tie..

 Ode is going to be a knight..w fake chain mail & helmet and sword.

Sunday - went to the goody for Halloween costume & found this ratchet strap on TOP of my car..yikes

This things been riding around on my car for near two days!!!

Sunday - Gigi got theater tickets for the kiddos - They loved it!!

We went out to late lunch and froYo with our cousins & auntie who were at the play with us.
The play was great
They had autograph signing after and let the kids ask questions..
Like, why are tortoises slow? And why do frogs hop? My favorite was from a teensy little girl who raised her hand, then announced her name, then said.."umm I have a kitty at my house." 😂😂😂 too too cute.
Driving past the museum of flight - reflection of our Lil red car